Three-layer parquet


Parquet and wood flooring are always up to date.
Parquet floors from a wide range of tree varieties, both classic – oak, ash, maple, beech, birch, cherry, – and exotic – dark and medium dark tones, marabou wood, jarrah, walnut wood. Contemporary wood surface treatments – bleached, tinted, scratched, evaporated. Surface treatment with either varnish or oil.

Main advantages of parquet flooring are ecology, beauty, high aesthetic and practical properties. Naturally peaceful and cozy atmosphere, glamour of wooden pattern and its durability. Added benefit – wood becomes increasingly beautiful over time. All this makes parquet the ideal flooring choice for home.

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Wooden doors


We produce high quality exterior and interior doors of any type and complexity.

Solid wooden doors with or without glazing, fireproof doors, sliding, single- and double sleeve doors and customised orders. Available in a range of natural wood varieties (pine, ash, oak, maple, beech, wenge, cherry, zebrano) and natural veneers.

Together with our professionals you will be able to pick the most suitable door material, color, shape and layout of design elements, as well as total thickness, width, height and aisle form.

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Wooden stairs


We supply wooden stairs from several high-quality timber varieties, which naturally fit into the interior, creating a sense of nobility and elegance. We custom-produce the following:

  • Spiral stairs;
  • Modulas stairs;
  • Engraved, etched stairs;
  • Alternating tread stairs;
  • Custom-order stairs.

Wooden stairs among the modern builders is the most popular choice – ecologically clean and warm, in a variety of designs and elements, easy to treat, traditional and simply beautiful. Key requirements for such stairs – comfort, safety, aesthetics.

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Wooden furniture


We produce custom-built non-standard wooden furniture distinguished by individual design and quality.

For furniture production we utilize both solid and glued wood with protective treatment. We produce furniture for indoors and outdoors, kids rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, restaurants, etc.

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Woodwork becomes increasingly demanded every year due to its environmental and economic value and wide range of designs, colors and interior options. We build pergolas, post and lintel buildings, bridges, timber frame houses, timber conservatories, skylights and other structures according to customer desires.

As roof trusses tend to come in a variety of types, also skylights can be of all sorts – arched, triangular, trapezoidal. Roofs can be fitted with roof windows or hatches, skylights can be combined with bay windows and illuminated with electric lighting.

Decorative, carved wooden panels with intricate details allow for endless possibilities. Your home becomes original and different from other buildings. Wooden doors with arched aperture and carved elements are nowadays very topical. Woodcarvings convert wooden panels into artworks.

We produce wood slats, door decorations, all types of edges and cornices, as well as bespoke orders. Moldings can be combined as per customer needs, creating new designs or creatively incorporating decorative elements with furniture.

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Wooden insulated-glazing windows

Wooden windows are not only contemporary but also traditional, functional, in all sorts of sizes, suitable for Latvian climate and construction projects. These windows provide air ventilation indoors and create natural and lively environment.

Timber is still considered as one of the best insulation materials helping to prevent creation of condensate around the window frames. Wooden windows provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Thanks to timber structure, it is in the constant state of air and moisture exchange that creates favorable microclimate for work and residing.


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